The acceptance of applications for the "Neruzh 4.0" program has begun.

The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia announces the launch of accepting applications for the "Neruzh 4.0" Diaspora technology startups program.

The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia implements the "Neruzh 4.0" state program, which aims to support Armenia's economic progress and the development of the startup ecosystem by promoting the repatriation of professionals from Armenian Diaspora.

As in previous years, this year, around 40 teams from around the world will be invited to Armenia to participate in the 5-day event in Dilijan, to get acquainted with the advantages of doing business in Armenia, to receive opportunities for cooperation and exclusive individual mentoring. Within the framework of the event, by the decision of the commission, 3 winning teams at the idea stage will receive 15, 10, 5 million drams respectively, and 3 winning teams with the product will receive support in the amount of 30, 20, 10 million drams, respectively. The teams will be given the opportunity to expand the collaborative network, exchange knowledge and experience, and also get the opportunity to interact with invited teams from more than 40 countries.

Requirements & Eligibility

For your startup to be eligible for the program, it must:

•  Have a pre-established team

•  Have a founder (or at least half of the co-founders), who 

1.  is (are) of Armenian descent, 

2.  is (are) NOT citizen of Armenia (except dual citizens), and 

3.  has (have) not resided (lived) in Armenia within the last 12 months or has repatriated within the last 6 months 

•  be in pre-seed or seed levels of development,

•  be working in one of the key industries listed here,

•  have not received a grant (sign a grant agreement) from the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia during the last 24 months prior to the date of submitting the application,

•  have a founder (co-founders) willing to register and establish the startup in Armenia and live in Armenia for at least 1 year.

To apply for the program, you need to go to the following link and register the data. Application deadline is 3rd of August 2023, 18:00

Note: Due to space limitations, only 2 members from each startup will be invited to participate in the program in Dilijan.